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Slap Bass Lessons are hard to find, this will get you started.

Slap bass lessons are hard to find on the internet and hard to understand. I know this because I started playing bass the traditional way, and learning to slap after is dificult.
Conversly I know of many fellow players who started out slapping and then after, they find it difficult to learn to play "straight".
Really, I am not the greatest at it, but if needed, I can get by.

slapping hand The proper technique varies, I use the "hitchhiker" where you put your thumb out like you're trying to catch a ride, but some others have a more relaxed hand technique.

You have to try to hit the string with the bone on the left side of your thumb fast, and square, or else you won't get much of a sound.

I've posted a piece of music here that I came accorss during my professional days. There were no instructions to slap on the music but in this instance the musical director wanted it more funky so I had to do my best rendition.

slap bass line First listen with the bass line played straight.

Now listen as a slap bass line.
The difference? The low notes on the E string, or A string, are slapped with the thumb, the higher notes on the D string, or G string, are plucked with either index, or middle finger.

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