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The major pentatonic scale in two octaves.

Of all the bass scales, the major pentatonic is the one mostly used in rock and popular music. If you learn this scale in two octaves in all keys you'll never have a problem coming up with a bass line in any kind of jam sesssion.
See this lesson on playing Sir Duke and you'll quickly see what I'm talking about.

bass guitar scales - major pentatonic

I have included 2 fingerings with this scale...
Use the first fingering for practising, it's a great one to master because it teaches you how to get from the bottom of your bass to the higher register very quickly and accurately.
bass guitar scales - major pentatonic

This next fingering is the one I use most when I'm playing. Learning this is a must for all you rock players who want to get away from just playing the Tonic all the time, but don't want to go too far away from the chord.
bass guitar scales - major pentatonic

See how to use this scale in an advanced bass guitar lesson...

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More bass guitar scales that are in major...

The Major Scale
This in most important one!

The 4th mode and also a great rock or jazz scale.

All the modes of the major scale
There are 7 modes of the major scale, here they are!

The Major Pentatonic Scale


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