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Major bass scales - the major scale (or Ionian) in two octaves.

Of all the major bass scales, this is the most important one. Really practice the scale and learn it in every way you can as all music theory is based on it.

You may also reffer to this scale as ionian the first mode.

Look at the bass guitar chord chart for this scale. The best chord to play this over is major, and major 7. G major chord scale
If you play any kind of rock bass, this really needs to be a part off your repritoire.

Don't understand the fingering chart? Go to the bass guitar scales intro.

Sheet Music:
bass guitar free sheet music

On the Fret board:
The red arrow means, SHIFT.
G major bass guitar scale

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More bass scales that are in major...

Major Pentatonic
A great one to learn to make excellent rock bass riffs.

The 4th mode and also a great rock or jazz scale.

The 5th mode and a good scale for pop music.

All the modes of the major bass scales
There are 7 modes of the major scale, here they are!

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