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Advanced bass lessons starting with this great but difficult bass line.

Some advanced bass lessons are just fingering excersises, but this is more practical and shows you how to take the major pentatonic scale, and use it to make a great bass line.

That line was written by Steve Wonder for the song Sir Duke, and I can't think of a better example of how a scale can be used to actually make music.

If this bass line sounds hard, your right! But, you can break it down and get it under your fingers by learning the scale it's based on, the major pentatonic scale.

I have written it out below for you to practice, and if you can get this under your fingers congratulations are in order.
Practice this line because it sounds cool. But even more so, practice it to master the pentatonic scale, and you'll be going from the 1rst to the 24th fret in no time at all.

Bass guitar line from sir duke

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