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Looking for free bass guitar lessons?

During the last few years I've written a number of bass guitar lessons so I thought I would share them online.

Jamming with the calypso band

Hi! My name is Scott Noftle, I have been a professional bass player for about 15 years.

I've played in rock bands, indie bands, hotel bands, and big bands, but during my career I primarily made most of my living on cruise ships.

In 2001 I took the job as musical director on the ship, "The Adventure of the Seas".
I was not only playing the bass, but also leading the orchestra, and running the entire music department.

Playing for a living was a dream I had in high school, and I feel fortunate that I've realized that dream.
Playing the bass has taken me all over the world, introduced me to celebrities, led me to life long friendships, and, most importantly... led me to meet my wife Carolina.

I've created these lessons and bass scale fingerings over a number of years. I hope you find them useful but also note that this site will always be a work in progress.

More online bass lessons are coming, and I plan to make myself available to answer your questions, and share my experiences so you can realize your dream. Whether that's becoming a pro, or just improving your chops... ask me! I'm here to help

Beginner Bass Lessons
This block of beginner bass lessons will get you started.
Advanced Bass Lessons
Advanced bass lessons, starting with the bass line from the song, Sir Duke.
Bass guitar scales
Bass guitar scales and fingerings in two octaves for the 4 string bass.
Major Bass Scales
Major Bass Scales and bass guitar scale fingerings.
Bass guitar scales - Aeolian, the 6th mode.
Aeolian - the natural minor scale, or the sixth mode.
Bass Guitar Fret Board
A virtual bass guitar fret board
Bass guitar lessons blog
Bass guitar lessons blog
Bass Guitar Lessons feedback.
Bass guitar lessons feedback, tell me what you think?
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